How to Attract Women – How to Get Girls – How to Get a Girlfriend – How to Talk to Girls

How to Attract Women – How to Get Girls – How to Get a Girlfriend – How to Talk to Girls

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Most guys think that in how to get a girlfriend, they need to work out ridiculously, do their hair every time they go to the post office, shave their legs (never really understood that one), and generally look like a pretty boy. While this is true for a lot of girls, the simple fact remains that all girls really want is someone to love. There are many different ways to get a girlfriend, but I’m going to outline how to get a girlfriend with pinpoint accuracy. Hopefully, my tips will help flush out the old perspective of what you think girls want and need, which has been a big misconception for a lot of people I have met.

Look around

You obviously are not going to get a girlfriend by sitting around your house playing video games and eating chips all day. Get out and go somewhere! Despite what you might think, BARS may not be the best place to get a girlfriend (shocker, right?). Your first step is to get out and socialize with people with like interests. If your not the type to socialize, then sit on the Internet and meet with girls in chat rooms. The best place to meet up with girls of like interests could be anywhere: beach, gym, park, social groups, church, etc. The question you need to ask yourself is what do you like to do? If you like doing something, I guarantee there are 20,000 other potential girlfriends out there who probably like doing the same thing.

There she is…

So you went out and got social, good! Now you’ve found your target and your wondering, what do I do next? Talk to her! You need to have the self confidence to realize that she is just a girl, and you are a guy that is interested in her. Now, I know this seems easier to read about than to actually do, but you are looking for a girlfriend right? Try reciting what your going to say to her in the mirror at home. I know it sounds kind of stupid but I know of several very successful guys that do this all the time and now there sitting at home with there girlfriends.

After the first chat

So you worked up the courage, went up to her, and talked her ear off because you were so nervous. But you got that coveted first date and your out to wow her now. We need to start with a couple things that girls look for in a potential boyfriend. First things first, is you need to act like boyfriend material. If she sees your eyes wandering at the waitress or every other girl that walks by, your going to shoot up red flags all over and you might as well kiss any chance of that girl goodbye. Keep things subtle for the first few dates, you need to play it cool and act like your not looking to get a girlfriend. Keep the long term relationship talk to a minimum, as these are the critical stages of a relationship where your learning little bits and pieces about each other. Don’t go nuts on spending money on a fancy dinner, expensive clothes, renting a sports car for the day, or any other “living outside of my means to impress a girl” type of date. Just make things casual and feel out what type of girl she is because who knows, she might not even be girlfriend material!

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How to Attract Women – How to Get Girls – How to Get a Girlfriend – How to Talk to Girls
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