The Best SEO Tools – 10 Awesome SEO Tools – SEO Tools Plugin – Top 20 SEO Tools

The Best SEO Tools – 10 Awesome SEO Tools – SEO Tools Plugin – Top 20 SEO Tools

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As we all search for the most powerful tool to optimize our websites… seeking the latest guru with the ultimate search engine optimization strategies… and shelling out hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars in our quest for website traffic, it might just turn out the biggest asset is what we’ve had all along, our own passions!

A growing phenomenon on the web is the sheer proliferation of the infopreneur… a term often used to describe individuals making an income from information they present – in the form of a website or blog. And the presentations range from the highly organized and paginated websites focused on strategically placed keywords to journalistic blogs comprised of random posts reflecting the authors’ feelings or experiences at any given time!

What makes this group of frequently non-tech types so powerful is their ability to draw traffic, heavy traffic to their sites or blogs and, increasingly, turn that traffic into income!


For those with a passionate interest in something, or perhaps anything for that matter, the web offers you an opportunity to use that interest in creating traffic to your website or blog, whichever venue you choose to create your presence in the world of virtual space. With nothing but a passion and a willingness to share it, you could quite naturally create pages and pages of content that while even if none in your circle of family or friends might find interesting could hold appeal to a good number of folks out there.

Unlike writing books, a playing field that few of us would ever consider, websites and blogs are more about common interests rather than great writing. Search the web on virtually any topic and you’ll undoubtedly find scores of authors out there whose writing might be quite ordinary but capable of drawing a huge readership. On closer inspection you’ll find there’s usually a correlation between the depth (amount in this case) of related content and the site’s traffic.

The lesson here? Find something you enjoy writing about and you’ve got a good start in creating a content-rich site… one to which the search engines will eventually find their way followed by people, lots of them!


So valued is good content that folks will pay writers to come up with good content for their sites. And it helps to understand the value of keywords and how to place them as you go about writing for your site or blog. When I started my website a few years ago, like for many, it was more of an attempt to learn how to actually launch something I had created on the internet.

Coming at a time when I was traveling for work a lot and couldn’t get to the beach as much as I wanted, I started writing pages about the things I loved to do… fishing, diving, kayaking… almost anything having to do with the beach!

Following a simple yet very logical process presented by SiteBuildIt founder and president, Ken Evoy, I plugged along writing pages while placing keywords as instructed. With a level of effort and intensity more reflective of the beach lifestyle I wrote about rather than an effort to build a business, my site began to generate traffic, considerable traffic.


As traffic increased, I tried placing pay-per-click and affiliate ads on my site and reveled in the model of “passive income” that I had long understood but could never put into place. Literally, I was making money while sleeping!

Over the last year, I have to admit, with some major changes in my “day job” I had virtually ignored my website… yet, my placement in the search engine results actually improved and traffic has continued to increase – something which makes me grateful for having gone with a website vs. a blog! In an indirect way, I’ve also generated income through clients who came as referrals due to the traffic others saw in my site as well as through companies wishing to advertise on my pages.

Having an almost embarrassing lack of experience in search engine optimization or web design skills, it probably is quite ludicrous to write about something so complex. And I can state unequivocally I lack neither the aptitude nor the propensity to become one of those “gurus” from whom I constantly receive e-mails and invitations to purchase their “discounted” programs for instant web success.

No, I’m simply one who’s been shown if you have a passion and are willing to share it using some basic web writing techniques, you’ve got the best tool for a real internet business opportunity… you!

Richard Young is a Hawaii real estate professional with a background in advertising and marketing. He is the creator of, a website that generates considerable traffic due to its high standings in Google and other major search engines. The story of how he came to build his website and the single source that helped him develop a concept into a viable online business is told in Build-A-Website.

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